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Wildflower Meadow

July 4, 2017
Meadow Flowers

Plant your own wildflower meadow seed mix, the bag says.  The picture on the bag is just beautiful, and the price is right.  I am not going to lie; I had done this before when I was an urbanite.  I was trying to produce a small meadow in my front yard.  I understood that the first year only the perennial’s would bloom.  I was patiently waiting to be the envy of the neighborhood.  One thing I did not know was it wasn’t all flowers; it had meadow grasses in there too.  I let it grow I didn’t touch, it did have some bachelor buttons and blanket daisy’s that were pretty.   

My son and I went up to the north to visit family.  When we returned as I drove down the driveway, I said O my what was I thinking.  It was like a giant weed patch in my front yard that was 5 feet tall.  I am pretty sure my neighbors were like why isn’t she mowing that area?   You couldn’t see the flowers through all the grasses from a distance. So I broke out the mower and mowed it down.   I still laugh about it today.  This spring, I saw the same bag at the store.  This time thou, I own a field to plant it in!  I had Jason plow an area so I could plant my meadow.  Everything started to grow even thou we had a cold spring.  Every so often I go out and check to see what I have.  The first flowers that bloomed were delicate light pink and purple.  I used them in my Mother’s Day bouquet.  This weekend, I walked over to the field to see what was blooming next and how my sunflowers are doing.

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