Chickens Farm Life

What was that sound?!

May 5, 2016


Is something hurting one of the hens?!

I heard this awful sound like one of my girls was getting hurt.  It was coming from the other side of the chicken coop.  I started to run out there expecting the worse but I did not see anything.  I start looking closer at this one hen and I was thinking geez you have really gotten big.  Wait a minute are you a rooster??  It wasn’t long after that popped into my head, she, I mean he made the saddest sounding crow I ever heard.  Now I am studying all my chickens and I notice  2 other large hens.  What I have 3 roosters?!!   I ordered 16 hens, thinking they were all female chickens. Now I am down to 13 and I am not happy.  I didn’t know this but I found out it is quite common to get a few rooster when you order some hens.

As the roosters matured, they were starting to get rough and one tore the earlobe off one of the hens.  At this point, they were at the perfect age to cull them, but I decided to find them a new home instead.  So that was it, I found someone who wanted them.  They were a nice couple and I met them in Danville,Va to do the exchange.  They wouldn’t just let me give them the roosters they insisted on taking me for dinner.  He told me he has 40 hens they can have fun with and I was glad to know they would enjoy their new home.

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