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May 18, 2017

Belted King Fisher

It’s not a very good picture. The bottom one is a male and the top one is a female. Females have a rust color on them.


NC River Otter

Otter eating a fish

We have had a few different encounters with otters. The first time I saw one, wasn’t sure what I saw since I didn’t think we had otters in North Carolina. It freaked me out until I saw it up close up fully identify it.

Yep, it was a large adult otter. I learned a lot very quickly about them; they eat half their weight daily in fish. That is what it was doing, swimming laps in my pond eating fish and leaving lots of scales and poop behind. Typically they do not stay long in ponds, otters prefer rivers and streams, but I thought I would move the process along by bothering it every time I saw it doing laps. It would snort at me and come up out of the water like it was trying to intimidate me. I had the dog with me, so I was not too worried about its big teeth.


A beaver came by for a visit. They can’t see very well so as long as it doesn’t smell you, you can get close to them. They also eat like to eat pine trees, and it cut a few down for me and ate the entire tree.


Different kinds of ducks come off and on throughout the year. I only have pictures of the Wood ducks, but I have seen Hooded Merganser and a few Redheads too.

Garter Snake

I was running around the pond chasing the otter, and I almost stepped right on this guy. Good thing he wasn’t a poisonous snake.

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