Chickens Farm Life Nesting Box

Nesting Box

May 23, 2017

After using different types of nesting boxes ranging from wooden to inexpensive types.  I decided to try out Miller Manufacturing Nesting Box.

              Top reasons I like them

    • Easy to Clean

    • Removal is a piece of cake

    • All my chickens use them

    • Roost flips up if you need it to


The first time I took them down to clean, it was a breeze. They are attached to the coop with screw slides. So no trouble there unhooking them from the wall.  I could easy clean, dry and replace them in a short period of time.  I find my eggs are cleaner too, compared to my other wooden boxes I have used. I would think having a hen that wanted to go broody in one must mean they are comfy too!  Here is Floppy after hatching a couple of her babies.

Miller Manufacturing Nesting Box

 Floppy Likes Them Too!


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