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Marty and the skunk

November 16, 2016

It’s late fall here in North Carolina and the evenings are pitch black. Jason and I were sitting down to eat dinner when we hear Rusty the dog barking in the yard. Jason got up to see what was going on. I didn’t bother to get up since Rusty barks at the cat a lot when he can’t reach him outside the fence. I am about to take a bite of my dinner when Jason runs into the house and says to me ” There is a skunk down by the ducks and Marty is down there too!”.

I get up to go look. Sure enough, Marty the cat was following the skunk around the duck house. I tried calling him, but he wouldn’t listen. He was so curious about this new critter he has encountered. As Jason is following their movements with the light. The skunk starts heading out of the backyard towards the woods. He has his tail up and Marty is following right along behind him. All of a sudden Marty runs past the skunk and turns around to see where it’s at. Now the skunk is following him! I think they are just playing at this point. They continue to do this little dance of following each other. We decided to go in back in the house our since our food was getting cold. I wasn’t worried about Marty, he is up to date on all his shots.

Later that evening Marty comes in the doggy door and yep he smells like a skunk! Not bad like he got sprayed but more like the smell of a ferret. Well, he was needing a bath anyway, since Rusty likes to play and slobber on him.

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