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Floppy The Hen

March 22, 2017

Floppy happen to go broody two days after we put the fertilized eggs in the incubator.  I reached under her and could only see two eggs.  There were a couple in the next box over so I grabbed them and stuck them under her.  After the incubator eggs hatched we kept checking on her to see if she had any little ones under her.

Jason had gone out to check, he saw her getting some food and sent me a picture of the nesting box.  It now had 7 eggs in it and no babies.  I was thinking, It’s got be getting close by now.  The very next day Jason went out to gather the eggs.  There they were, two tiny little chicks hanging out beside their momma.

We left them alone and started to come up with a plan on what to do with her and the babies.  A cold snap was coming and it would be to way too cold for her babies.  We decided to move her to an enclosed dog crate and bring her in the house.  I went to put her in the crate and overnight she hatched a third baby. Way to go Floppy!!

Luckily our house is a fixer upper and I don’t care if I fill my dining room up with chickens.  We have a 27 chicks and 1 hen in our house.  


“ Two and Half Weeks Later It’s Garage Time! ”









Cold spell is over and the chicks have enough feathers they can all be moved to the garage.

Jason built a large tall enclosure to keep them in until we modify the coop this weekend for everyone to go there.  It has a small roost in it and adjustable pole to hang the heat lamp on.

I put Floppy and her babies in with the other chicks.  I wasn’t sure how Floppy would handle having all those babies around her.  She was fine, until a little roo started picking on her.  Now she is putting everyone in their place.  Things are fine, no one’s getting hurt.   I am pretty sure I know who is a rooster at this point.  Looks like I could have at least 6 roosters.

Video feeding the baby chicks

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