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Daylight Savings

November 5, 2017

This weekend is one of dread, but it also brings a new set of hobbies.  My mornings will be back to normal since it will be light out earlier. I will be able to take care of all the animals and then get ready for work.  The past few weeks were quite the juggle as I don’t like to open the chicken coop up in the dark.  There are just too many predators still roaming around. On the flip side of that, when I get home it will be dark that is a big bummer. I only get to see my animals for a little bit in the morning and on weekends.  

The dark evenings bring out more time to learn something new and this fall I will be learning how to knit on a loom.  I started my first scarf but have not had enough time to finish it. This weekend is a bit drizzly and started to feel like fall.  I can’t believe it’s November and the past week we had 80-degree temperatures.  

Yesterday, I just wanted to go out and take a walk in the woods.  The air was crisp and the sky was a covered in bright grey clouds.  The trees colors around the pond are a bright yellow, orange, and a garnet red. They really pop against the grey clouds.  One thing about having some land with woods is you can go hiking anytime you want and even take that cat with you!

The dog and the cat went with me on this little adventure to see what the forest brings.  As we headed across the dam all the ducks were hanging out on the bank and sitting on the fallen trees.  A few were upside down finding things to eat on the bottom.  I am not really sure what they find, but they seem to enjoy it!

As we started to go up the hill, Marty the cat wanted to run ahead of us and climb every tree he could find. Rusty would try to pull him down once he could reach him.  



At the top of the hill it’s quite grassy and there are some dead locust trees that have made a nice habitat for lichen.  Lichen are very interesting as it’s fungus and algae. They have this relationship where they need each other to survive.

We meander across the top and start to head back down, the trail is block by a large fallen tree.  I use to be able to go under but last winter it collapsed more.  This tree has made a nice home for some other type of fungus.  It was quite pretty with rings of green and brown.  On our way out of the woods, I found a mushroom that looked edible but I don’t eat mushrooms.  So no temptation there.

As we leave the woods we ended up at the large Locust tree in the field.  All the leaves have fallen off and only the twisted seed pods are left.  We walk past our young Paw Paw trees and as we head back to the house the turkeys spot us and decide they want to join us.  

To see all the pictures from my walk you can visit my Google+ album Daylight Savings

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