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Chicken Coop

April 5, 2016

I had chickens one other time in my life and I hated the coop we built.  It was a typical tiny box with egg collector on the back with a small run.  It was hard to clean and the hens never laid in the egg box.  This time I wanted something I could walk into and clean.  I wanted removable nesting boxes and a roost that lifted up so I could shovel out the poop and put it in my compost bin.


We were about to build a coop.  I had the plans and we were going to get lumber later that week. Until I was looking on craigslist and found a 16×20 shed  with free delivery and leveling.  I was super stoked about it.  We needed more storage and this had enough room to put the chickens on one side and storage on the other.  We cut an entrance on the side and put up dog kennel on the side so they had a lockable run.  I let my girls free range, I do not like to lock them up.  But from experience when they first start to lay they don’t know you have this nice nesting box for them.  They will lay all over the place so you have to lock them for a while so they learn.


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