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Everything is breaking!

June 19, 2017

Summer is in full swing here, and we have gotten a lot of rain, so things are growing fast. Jason was out on the riding mower and ran over a broken off t-post and punctured the tire.

Flat Tire

All I can do is laugh because the week before I was trying to start the push mower and Jason steps in to pull it for me. It takes me a few tries, but I get it started. He goes and pulls it and breaks the rope.

Broken Push Mower Rope

I said see I wouldn’t have pulled it so hard and it wouldn’t be broken. He laughed at me. I had to keep it running until I had everything I needed to mow by the chicken coop. Now, none of our lawn mowers are running. YAY! Well, at least it’s not engine troubles.

Well wouldn’t you know I spoke too soon, the tractor decides it’s only going to run for 30 minutes and die. Our tractor is an old 1948 or maybe 1943 9n.


When I say that out loud, it seems crazy to think it is still running. I don’t know who the first person who owned it was. But I picture them being really happy as it was the first piece of machinery to replace the draft horse/mule in farming. At some point, I will be happy when we can fix it up, and it will be a showpiece instead of having to use it. It’s not very safe as it wasn’t made to handle hills and gullies, which we have and now it’s not working. We were discussing that we might have to pay someone to fix it. We don’t have a way to haul it yet, so we would have to pay for that too.

We were out driving around one day and noticed a tractor service guy right down the road from our house. We pulled in, and Jason went up to talk to the guy. I waited in the car, but I could not see what was going on I just assumed there was some interaction. When he returned, I asked what did he say? Nothing, he just ignored me as I waited there. He saw me but didn’t say hey I will be with you in one minute or nothing just sat with his feet up on the desk talking away. I just rolled my eyes, what is wrong with business owners today. First impressions are so important; I guess he doesn’t need the work. I have to say this isn’t the first time we have had bad experiences out here.

When we got home, I went scouring the internet and found a website written by a guy talking all about how to fix our model tractor. I sent it to Jason, I told him, you might as well start replacing parts he recommends until it is running. So that is what he did, and he got it working! Woot!! Woot!! I am going to write to that guy and thank him for his blog.

Jason Happily Mowing The Field