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Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs Are Social You Say?

June 27, 2017
Waffles the guinea pig

Super Cute Waffles

I started out with one really cute guinea pig.  I named him Super Cute Waffles, Waffles for short.  He was just so adorable, with his cute wheeking sounds he would make.  I bought him a playpen so I could have him out in the living room with us while we watched tv in the evenings.  I noticed right away he was smart. He would wheek loudly if we were holding him, to let us know he had to go pee. I would put him down, and he would go pee in the corner.

I wondered if I could teach him to spin on command.  I got out some carrots, and I started to teach him to spin.  It only took 15 minutes, and we were spinning for food.  I was so excited I had to video Waffles doing his new trick.  Next thing I thought of was an agility course.  I set up on in his playpen.  I made it out two toilet paper rolls and a straw.  He would jump out of his little bed, jump over the straw and go back.  How adorable is that!

Waffles spinning for the first time!

Waffles can really spin now!

Waffles doing agility!


I got to thinking maybe he does need a friend; the pets store clerk mentioned he didn’t like the piggies they had there, so he was in his cage.  My thoughts were to get a baby guinea pig, that way he would be older.  That is where Nibbles and Moonpie come in the picture.

Nibbles the guinea pig


guinea pig

Moon Pie


I bought the double decker C&C cage, so they had plenty of room.  Everything was great Waffles seemed like he was happy to have friends.  As time went on Waffles one day decided he only like Nibbles and MoonPie needs to leave.  He chased him around and wouldn’t let him eat.  I tried feeding in separate areas, but if Waffles heard Moonpie doing anything, he would hunt him down and chase him up on top of his hut.  Poor Moonpie had to stay there all the time.  I couldn’t take that anymore, and I had to buy a second C&C cage.  Now we have two cages, and Moonpie is safe now and seems happy he is away from the meanies.  A few more months go by, and Nibbles is getting bigger and bigger.  I notice he had a really big nose and feet.  I started researching and found out that in Peru, Guinea Pigs are raised for meat.  They are called Cuy, and they get up to 6 pounds.  Some of the pet stores have been selling them, not knowing they weren’t smaller pet Guinea Pig.  I was getting worried, thinking what am I going to do with a 6 lb Guinea Pig, but Nibbles only ended up weighing 3lbs, Thank Goodness!   guinea pigNow Nibbles is starting to hit puberty, and he decides he doesn’t like Waffles anymore.  He wants him out of his cage.  He pulled his hair out, bit his armpit and toe.  I had to take Waffles to see the vet because he was injured.  Waffles ended up losing his toe over this and costing me 350.00 in the process.  So needless to say, Waffles is now in his own cage.   So you say Guinea Pigs are social?   Then what is going on here?  Is it because they are all males and it might be different if it were all females?  Maybe I just happen to get three alpha guinea pigs, and no one wanted to be the 2nd pig.  Whatever it is, I do know they like being next to each other, but they do not want to share a cage.  I can relate to that, I know growing up I did not want to share a bedroom with my sisters.  Maybe it’s the same, heh

Piggies, before all the drama


Farm Life Guinea Pig

Things to know before you buy a Guinea Pig

June 22, 2017

Things to know before you make the leap and purchase that adorable little Guinea Pig from the pet store or the rescue group.

Guinea Pigs are smart, I have trained them to spin for a carrot.  I even set up an agility course for Waffles.  He was jumping over a straw held by two toilet paper rolls.  


Food Requirements:

They always have to have fresh hay to eat all day long.  Eating hay helps keep their digestive tract running smoothly.  Hay also keeps their teeth from overgrowing.  They are like rabbits, their teeth never stop growing, and you will need wood blocks to keep that in check.   If they stop eating, the first thing to check is the teeth.  I go thru a 48 oz bag of hay a week. I purchase it at Amazon or Tractor Supply as it is the cheapest I can find.

Guinea Pigs cannot produce vitamin C they have to eat foods that contain it.  Every week I purchase a large container of organic spring mix.  I also supplement with orange sweet pepper, this is the highest of all the peppers in Vitamin C.  Important note, they cannot pass gas, so do not give them anything that would cause gas.  Cucumbers would be a vegetable that could cause gas.  

Pellets are another thing they need daily, ¼ cup per pig. A bag of pellets lasts 3-4 weeks.  Pellets will provide them with the minerals they are missing from the other two items.

Total Food Cost for the week: $18.00



Guinea pigs need room; they like to run and popcorn a lot.  They cannot have a wire frame floor as this will hurt their feet since they are sensitive.

 pee pads

I have purchased the C&C cages, and I keep them on a card table next to a wall.  

They will tend to urinate when they are sitting eating their hay and greens.  I keep that area in paper bedding. The rest of the cage is fleece.  Some piggies will keep a tidy cage and some will not.  You will have to clean up poop pellets daily or every other day.  I use a tiny hand broom and dustpan for this.  I have tried everything including a small vacuum and the dust pan, and hand broom is the easiest.

To handle the urine, I have purchased adult human pee pads that cover the floor of the C&C cage, I then drape the fleece of the base of the C&C cage, put in the C&C kitchen, so it’s snug.  I take the C&C cage and set it over the base.  The cage holds together when I pick it up and put it over the base.

The pee pads are washable, so I purchased enough that I always have a clean set when changing out the cage.

The only downfall to the cage is the paper bedding as it’s very expensive and last about a month.  $20.00 for paper bedding.


I only give baby carrots and never more than one a day.  Too high in sugar and will make your piggy fat.


You will need to trim these.  I just use nail clippers that are for humans.


Occasionally I have had to clean a poopy butt because they back themselves up in their hut and get it all dirty.  Typically they clean themselves, and you shouldn’t need to give them a bath.   I bought a baby brush to get all the dead hair off.


Guinea Pigs can live to be 3-7 years old.  


They cannot regulate their temperature.  In the winter we keep a heater in their room so it’ never goes under 65.  They can’t handle cold drafts, so in the summer be careful of the air vent or if they are near an open window.  


A guinea pig’s immune system cannot fight off a cold or an infection.  Make sure you know where you can take them if they get sick.  Waffles started getting sick on Sunday and first thing Monday morning we were on the way to the vet.  Waffles went into cardiac arrest while the Vet was giving him an antibiotic.  My Super Cute Waffles passed away that day.  

Let’s recap:

  • Monthly cost of ownership: $100.00
  • Large cage and special bedding required.
  • Must have a Vet on hand.
  • Long Lifespan – Keep that in mind if you’re purchasing this for a child.
  • Social creatures and need attention from their owners.