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The fox and the guinea

February 5, 2018
Guinea Hen

After a long work week, I got home and of course the Guinea hens weren’t sure who they wanted to roost with.  I had planned to go back out after they figured it out.  It takes them longer to decide, it’s usually dark at this point.  Jason made us dinner and I totally forgot to lock them up.  At 3:00 am the dog ran into the kitchen barking.  I got up to make sure the turkeys were okay and when I looked out the window.  I saw Jack he was awake but looked like he was going to go back to sleep.  I just assumed the dog woke him up.  I headed back to bed and said to Rusty the dog, be quiet you woke up Jack.  Jason was not far behind when he heard the guinea make a loud sound.  He says to we forgot to lock up the guineas!  I was like O no, I hope nothing is out there.  I got dressed as fast as I could and threw on my boots and coat.  Jason was trying to find the flashlight.  As I opened the garage door, I see “The King” squawking and I the tree line, I noticed an animal.  I said to Jason, “There is something in the woods, I just saw it run behind the propane tank.  He flashed the light around in the woods and say, I see it, it’s a fox.  That freaked me out, that fox wasn’t even 15 feet away from my male guinea.  I ran down to the Guinea house to check to see if “The Queen” was in there and luckily she was!  I was so happy!  What a close call, good thing the dog is earning his keep!   

After that  close call I have been extra vigil about anything we hear outside. Jason said to me the turkeys are standing on their roost when they are normally sleeping.  I put on my coat and we went outside to check things out.  We are walking around shining the light and we hear this weird sound in the trees, to me it sounded like a hawk.  Diane started making her chirping sound as a warning there is something out there.  We never saw anything but did hear it a few times.  I said lets go down to the pond and check on the ducks.  As we made are way down there, Jason shines the light in the trees.  O look there is a opossum in the tree right there.  It sat there frozen with one paw up, it was really cute.  We took a few pictures of it.  We did not see anything down there to be worried about so back to the house we went.