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Found IT!!

November 20, 2016


I finally found the duck’s food bowl. It disappeared this past summer.  I can’t tell you how many times I went out there looking for it.  I even took the kayak out thinking it was somewhere close to the bank underwater.  I am sure there are several types of wildlife that visit the duck bowl.  You can tell if it’s a raccoon since they like to rinse off their food before they eat it. The bowl ends up in the water and I have to reach in and pull it out.   The skunk likes to move it and eat the crumbs and grubs that are under it. Every time I went looking for the bowl. I would get that image in my head where a raccoon was running away on its hind legs carrying a food bowl.

So today Rusty the dog, Marty the cat and I went for a stroll around the pond. We got to the other side and OMG it was sitting right there! I didn’t have my camera on me so I walked back to the house to get it so I could take a picture.  The bowl was so far from its original spot I couldn’t believe.

So the only question now is why didn’t I see it before? I have been by that spot several times. My only explanation is there must have been a lot of grass and I didn’t see it. Hmm seems odd thou! Now I am wondering what took it so far. Did a raccoon really carry it all the way to the other side?

Update:  I have an answer, this happened again this past week.  Since it gets dark early, I had to wait for the weekend to go look for it.  I found it, upside down hanging off a fallen tree that is in the pond.  Has to be a raccoon.  I couldn’t reach it so I had to get the kayak out to get it.  This time thou I had Jason chain it to a tree.  No more missing food bowls in my future.