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Moving Day!

April 15, 2017

The bees have been doing well and have outgrown their original housing. Today they’ll be moving into their new place. Started out with 5 medium frames in a NUC box and then added another medium NUC body on top of that with 5 frames with base for them to build on.

There’s been a lot of activity and when I checked them out it looked like they were about to outgrow these accommodations, so it’s a good thing we had their full size hive bodies and shiny new frames with foundation for them to go to work on.

One thing that I’ve learned is that having everything prepared and all of the things that you need close by when working with bees is very important. I got the new hive bodies set up right next to the NUC boxes to make this as quick and efficient as possible.

Started by moving the 5 frames from the top NUC hive body into the 10 frame body, placing the frames toward the outside of the 10 frame body. Once that was done the frames from the bottom body of the NUC box were placed into the new body in the middle.


After all of the frames were transferred from the NUC box (10 in total), I added another 10 frame hive body with frames and foundation on top of that. I didn’t get a photo of that, but here’s a video of the bees afterward. They seem to be doing well.

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Keeper of Bees

April 6, 2017

I’m officially a graduate of the Caswell County Bee School.

I’ve always had an interest in bees and have entertained the idea of getting some bees someday, so when the opportunity came up to take a 10 week course in beekeeping I decided that it was now or never.

First of all, bees are pretty awesome. I learned a great ton in the course and came away with a greater appreciation for bees and those who keep bees. There is a ton of information out there and this class made me feel like like “Hey, I can do this!”.

At the end of the course we were given information about the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association and their Certified Beekeeper exam. I took advantage of this as well. This required joining the NCSBA (a $25/year membership) and completion of a written exam as well as a practical test. I took the written exam before our field day and passed that. All that’s left now is to get a little bit more experience and take the practical exam.

I’m looking forward to learning more and hopefully we’ll have enough bees to have some honey next year.

During the class the instructor told us about a local man named Dan who would have NUC’s available. I reached out immediately and got them ordered.
When I picked up my bees from Old Dan’s Bees I was super excited. We went through the hives that he had and picked out 2 NUC boxes worth of bees. That’s 5 frames and a queen for each NUC box. Got them home and got them all settled in.


Working with Dan was quite a learning experience. He’s only a few miles from the farm so I offered to help any time that he needed it. He has 5 sites that he has bee’s on and said that he’d love the help. Really looking forward to learning more about the honeybee.