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July 2017

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How I manage my passwords

July 11, 2017

Everyone knows you need to create a password that someone won’t be able to guess.  Early on in my career I always had fairly long and a few different passwords I used for everything.  I would write them in a notebook.  Well, let me take that back, I wouldn’t actually write the password in the book. It would be a different word that told me what password it was.   I know your reading this and thinking, I don’t have that many.  It’s still manageable.  So let me ask you this, have you ever had any of these things happen to you.

  1. You were notified by Facebook someone might have accessed your account from another location.  Facebook was nice enough to lock you out.
  2. You have been contacted by Google that your Gmail account has been accessed from a different location.

Any scenario where that happens means you have to change your password and any site you were using that password.  Hopefully, you don’t use the same password for your bank that you do on any social media platform.  Say what?  I would never do that, that is crazy talk! Mmm, hmm

To make my life easier, I started using Dashlane. It has a lot of nice features, including a digital wallet.  The thing I like the most is its ability to change all your passwords in one click!  Now you can create your own management of how long do you want to keep using the same password.  You could change all your password weekly and it would be one click.  Of course, I do not do this, but just knowing I can and it’s not painful.  I find that super cool!  Maybe I am getting too excited about this part, but I can’t help.   Let’s move on to the second feature I like.  It has the ability to share passwords too!  This helps me run my business and keep strong passwords.  I don’t have to worry about someone getting sloppy and creating a password that is easy to guess.  Dashlane has a strong password generator, which I recommend you use.  I don’t make up passwords anymore.  I have them generated for me! If you’re not running a business, they offer a free plan too.  It’s still just as awesome.

Farm Life

Wildflower Meadow

July 4, 2017
Meadow Flowers

Plant your own wildflower meadow seed mix, the bag says.  The picture on the bag is just beautiful, and the price is right.  I am not going to lie; I had done this before when I was an urbanite.  I was trying to produce a small meadow in my front yard.  I understood that the first year only the perennial’s would bloom.  I was patiently waiting to be the envy of the neighborhood.  One thing I did not know was it wasn’t all flowers; it had meadow grasses in there too.  I let it grow I didn’t touch, it did have some bachelor buttons and blanket daisy’s that were pretty.   

My son and I went up to the north to visit family.  When we returned as I drove down the driveway, I said O my what was I thinking.  It was like a giant weed patch in my front yard that was 5 feet tall.  I am pretty sure my neighbors were like why isn’t she mowing that area?   You couldn’t see the flowers through all the grasses from a distance. So I broke out the mower and mowed it down.   I still laugh about it today.  This spring, I saw the same bag at the store.  This time thou, I own a field to plant it in!  I had Jason plow an area so I could plant my meadow.  Everything started to grow even thou we had a cold spring.  Every so often I go out and check to see what I have.  The first flowers that bloomed were delicate light pink and purple.  I used them in my Mother’s Day bouquet.  This weekend, I walked over to the field to see what was blooming next and how my sunflowers are doing.